Cine TV Contest #40 - Favorite Tom Hanks Movie - Finch

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I definitely want to participate in this contest, as we have a movie hero throughout the ages, it is the hero Tom Hanks, who presented us with many wonderful works, and today I have one of those wonderful works that he presented.

The movie belongs to a type of work related to an attempt to escape from certain harsh conditions that he wants someone to fall victim to, facing the difficult challenges of time and space that make him in a state of continuous work in order to overcome the continuous hardships in succession, and to adapt as much as possible and available until the moment of exit and escape from that hell. The difficult test that fate willed to put people through, testing their patience and dealing with the reality surrounding them.

If we look at the long history of “Hollywood” related to this category specifically, we will find that the most prominent person who excelled in presenting it in films that are iconic in form and content in the new millennium is the hero of the finch movie, the able and veteran star “Tom Hanks”, whose friendship we still remember with the ball “Wilson”. In his epic film “Cast Away” and his intense psychological and moral struggle against the Somali pirates in the famous masterpiece of director “Paul Greengrass” “Captain Phillips”, as well as his wise leadership of the “greyhound” ship inside enemy territory.

As Hanks continues to strengthen his career with more and more films, especially in what he is famous for presenting, the godfather of “America” returns again with the finch movie, through which he yearns for the past that cemented his name in letters of light, but this time with touches of completely new science fiction. On the “Tom Hanks” school of dramatic cinema, a good work supported by the strength and solidity of the usual “Tom Hanks” acting performance, but compared to the aforementioned films, it is just a cinematic cliché devoid of dramatic escalations at the level of story and context.

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Movie Scenario

The finch movie script focuses heavily on the relationship between “Finch” and the robot without the slightest concern for the climate conditions and the place surrounding them. The dramatic aspect is overshadowed by a great expansion, giving the film a large area of ​​dialogue confrontations based on light-heartedness at one time, love, friendship and trust in others at the same time. Others, and that is the only thing that makes it easy to get out of the movie at the level of the story.

Because otherwise, the screenwriters are not tempted to give the finch movie more dramatic shifts in the story that would exploit the presence of “Tom Hanks” and give him opportunities to face various challenges against him, which he had not previously participated in in science fiction films. Other than a scene or two, there is a complete absence. For the narrative weight that would not prolong the life of the film in any way, on the contrary, it could establish the name “Tom Hanks” as one of the heroes whose career was adorned with a work that follows the science fiction category.

That is why the rhythm of the finch movie can be classified as calm as the case of the dramatic story, and the fact that parts of the scenes are similar to each other can also be realized. Finch” in this ending universe, that does not make sense in light of the vitality that “Tom Hanks” still enjoys, and this appeared in his recent films.

Directively, the work of “Miguel Chapuchink”, who previously participated in directing episodes of the “Game of Thrones” series, is characterized by a great awareness of the nature of the place and the circumstances that prevail in the story, which is fully reflected through the decorations, production design and visual effects. The best decisions taken are the external appearance of the robot. Which was designed by “Finch” for the very purpose he wanted to be primitive and not terrifying, and with the mentality of a loyal friend who guarantees loyalty to his other friend and does not depart from him even if there is a separation or divergence, so that there will be a public appetite for the design, for the personality itself, and for good vocal performance.

In conclusion, despite any negatives or positives, the presence of “Tom Hanks” in any beloved cinematic work will remain indisputable or debatable. As in the case of the movie finch, for example, he will remain the spiritual father of “Hollywood”, from which his departure from it will cause intense mourning and appreciation in return for that fragrant march full of many and many artistic achievements.

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