Tunnel Vision Watching "Who is the mole?" (Dutch TV Show) - 2023

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25th season of "Wie is de mol?" on Dutch TV

The fellow Dutchies will know the tv show "Wie is de mol" which means "Who is the mole" as it's been a very well-known tv show for 25 seasons now. I remember hearing about it in 1999, but not watching it for many years to come. I may have accidentally skipped to that tv channel some times over the years while it was airing, but it never caught my attention until a few years ago. I would need to check which one exactly to find out, as I have skipped watching in 2022, maybe even 2021, haha. I remember that I started watching it for a few episodes and then I lost touch and didn't finish the season.

Interesting show

I do admit that if you get caught in the show well enough, the excitement of finding out who the mole is is quite cool. The show is recorded somewhere in the world, I think they pick a different country and cities every year to record it and they always start with a certain number of candidates. Every episode, one person will be eliminated after filling in an "execution test" where they have to answer some questions individually about the assignments they did that day and who they think is the mole. Of course, the answers will often change over time, and they are also allowed to spread their suspicions over several candidates to have a bigger change of staying in the game. The person with the least correct answers will be eliminated until eventually 3 finalists are left and then we can watch the finals live on TV in the last episode to find out if we were correct or not.

It's not always the mole who's trying to "mole"

The viewers use the world "mole" as a verb because whoever is the mole, is going to "mole" during the course of the whole show. He or she will make sure to block the group from earning money for the pot as well as doing sneaky things to make sure others aren't on to him or her. It's not only the mole who is doing these things though, some of the other candidates are constantly blocking the group from earning or making weird comments that makes them suspect them being the mole instead. Why they do this? Simple, if they can get the other candidates to suspect the wrong person being the mole, it means when they make the test and execution of that week, with some luck they are eliminated because they were focusing on the wrong mole.

I was 100% sure

Maybe even 300% that I knew who the mole was in the first 30 minutes of episode one. During the first episode, they received a phone call from last year's mole to tell them their role. They were all standing in one room, and in the room there was a phone, one by one, the previous year's mole called them and let them know if they were a candidate or the mole in this year's "Who is the mole". There was only one person in this bunch that had very suspicious behavior and my boyfriend agreed when I showed him. I decided to keep my eyes on him and started to play the game in their app for the first time ever. I didn't spread and voted everything pointing towards that person: Nabil.

And then

Week after week, we watched the show and more and more weird things happened, which could ONLY point in his direction as being the mole. And then, a few episodes before the finals, he was eliminated. What's happening? It was such a mindf*ck that it took me a week to watch that episode lol. I got notified in my app that my mole was out of the game and I didn't even want to watch it straight away as I had no clue how this was correct.

I changed my vote

Not in the app as I could not play further. I kept watching and needed to get to the bottom of this and then I saw it, it must have been this other person. And then the next episode that person was eliminated too. Oh my gosh, what is happening, this is a clear case of tunnel vision! I never experienced this before watching the show, but now I know, it's a thing!

Eventually, someone I never suspected turned out to be the mole and another candidate won the pot as he guessed it correctly. Who they were? I'm not going to spoil it in case you are going to watch the show yourself. I don't want to spoil the fun for someone else...

I'm now looking forward to next year!

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