Movie A to Z Challenge - Letter E

Hi friends, summer is flying at top speed and August has already started, but I am continuing my Movie A to Z Challenge and today I am happy to share my opinion on three movies with the letter E.

Everything Everywhere All at Once, Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert


Daniel's directorial duo made a brilliant debut with the black philosophical comedy Swiss Army Man, in which audience favorite Daniel Radcliffe played a very versatile corpse, so I was looking forward to their new projects and by far consider Everything Everywhere All at Once the best film of 2022.

The inventive tale of family values wrapped in absurd humor, multiverse sci-fi and generously spiced with great kung fu looks great and, despite its impressive running time, is watchable in the same breath. A fascinating, comically funny, enchanting but also clever spectacle and, in my opinion, a shining example of true cinematic magic.

Endless, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead


I love indie filmmaking and about six years ago found my favorites in this niche - the duo of directors, actors and writers Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, who on more than modest production budgets make great movies that pay off with their inventive storytelling and delivery.

The story of two brothers who escape a strange sect but decide to return to it to see what happened to the rest of its members neatly builds suspense and is brilliant at playing with the concepts of cartoon universes, the supernatural and Lovecraftian mythology, slowly filling the narrative with details that make it really creepy.

Phenomenal in its nature and an utterly unexciting experience for lovers of good sci-fi and horror.

Elephant Man, David Lynch


David Lynch is without a doubt a master of strange movies and surrealistic plots, but on my list of favorites is Elephant Man, the drama about the plight of Joseph Merrick whose face and body are disfigured by a rare genetic mutation.

The film is extremely heavy and the bleak atmosphere of Victorian London begins to crush from the very first minutes and the fact that the circus freak, brilliantly played by John Hurt, is the only ray of light and goodness in the world literally tears the soul apart.

Infinitely kind, well-read, yet completely lonely and too strange for those around him, a character to whom it is easy to feel sympathy and a reason to think about what makes a person human.

One of the saddest stories in the world (by the way, based on true events) and perhaps one of the best roles in Anthony Hopkins' career.

Such a selection and I look forward to seeing more movies tomorrow :)

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