Movie A to Z Challenge - Letter J


Hi friends, the journey continues and today as part of the Movie A to Z Challenge I got to the letter J, there aren't very many movies for which there are many, but nevertheless there are three very special movies in my collection.

John Dies at the End,Don Coscarelli


When you read a lot, really a lot, over time there's one very funny problem. Plots stop surprising and on every third novel, after the first dozen pages you already imagine the ending and it gets boring. However, there are authors whose work can surprise and one of my "new" favorites is Jason Pargin, who publishes fiction and horror under the pseudonym David Wong with fun titles like "This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don't Touch It." or "What the Hell Did I Just Read."

I was fascinated by his book John Dies at the End, about two misfit buddies who gain the ability to see monsters from other dimensions, and that the plot twists, that the ease of narration, that the humor imbued with pop culture references just won me over. And of course I was very happy that this book was adapted by Don Coscarelli, a true classic of horror movies.

The movie is very unusual, rambling in places but very funny, with the scary suddenly becoming funny and the funny inventively scary. On top of that, you get a great performance from Paul Giamatti and a chance to see the fantastically plastic Doug Jones without makeup, usually playing monsters in Guillermo Del Toro films.

By the way, the movie achieved cult status and made it through sci-fi festivals with flying colors, but failed miserably at the box office, which doesn't prevent it from being one of my favorite movies.

Joker, Todd Phillips.


Without a doubt Joaquin Phoenix is one of the greatest actors of our time and transformed from "the story of becoming a comic book villain" into a heavy social drama, "Joker" is his best performance piece. The frighteningly creepy, deeply traumatized and endlessly sad character evokes a host of emotions, from sympathy to disgust, and watching the "little man" become the "big monster" is very interesting. It takes a tremendous talent to play a man who shatters his own personality so masterfully to assemble something new and much stronger from it, so I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Jaws, Steven Spielberg


I've said it many times - there are films that are exclusively for the big screen cinema and one of my favorite movie experiences was Steven Spielberg's horror film Jaws, which I first watched in the cinema as a schoolboy.

The story about a killer shark and a team trying to catch it made a strong impression on me - great soundtrack, unmatched special effects for the 70's, excellent editing and camerawork, and, of course, the spirit of fascinating, full of dangers, sea adventure. No one else could show the obscurity of the World Ocean so dangerous and now, reviewing it I can't get rid of the thought that this movie easily turns the viewer into a firmly coiled spring, and only a true master can create such a concentrated suspense.

P.S. That summer I went with my father to the sea and more than once I caught myself sitting on the beach and looking for a shark fin in the waves, even though there are no sharks in our latitudes :)

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