Movie A to Z Challenge - Letter L

Hello Hive! Movie A to Z Challenge continues with a great weekend ahead, and today I'm pleased to share the three movies on Letter L.

It's a very unusual selection, but it's even more interesting :)

The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers


I definitely like what Robert Eggers does and consider him a true revolutionary in the horror genre. The work with atmosphere, the interesting camerawork, the music, the plots - he knows how to surprise and The Lighthouse is not just a movie but a real work of art.

It would seem - two men, a tiny island, a lighthouse, boredom and alcoholism... But thanks to the magnificent acting of Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe and the picture, stylized as expressionist films of the 20s, it works by 100500%.

The plunge into madness and paranoia, the neat references to the Gothic prose of Edgar Allan Poe, sailor legends and the works of Lovecraft intertwine like the tentacles of an octopus and it is absolutely impossible to escape from its deadly embrace.

An utterly unique cinematic experience and an example of true art.

Lords of Chaos, Jonas Åkerlund


As a high school student I was seriously into heavy music, in a very short time I gathered an impressive collection of death / black metal music and for a long time I was impressed by these crazy Scandinavian bands playing unbelievably dark, extremely heavy music. Particularly surprising was the story of how one of the musicians known as Burzum killed the other, due to the continuous conflict and constant threats against him.

Naturally I couldn't pass by the film adaptation of this sinister story and I was very pleased with what I saw. Rory Culkin plays the young, ambitious musician brilliantly, and the soundtrack, recorded by Icelandic band Sigur Rós, brilliantly underscores the bleak tone of the story. So do the virtuoso vocals recorded for the film by Faith No More's frontman.

And yes, even nicer is the fact that the production was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the drummer of the cult band Bathory, considered one of the premier black metal bands.

Logan, James Mangold


I loved the first X-Men comic book movies and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is incredibly good and watching Logan, the final character, really hurts.

Jackman masterfully plays out the last chapter and this sense of weariness of a character who has lost friends and loved ones, been on dizzying adventures, saved the world a dozen times, but is disappointed and hates himself, permeates every scene, making it all the more sad.

I'll admit, this is one of the few movies that almost made me burst into tears, and it's really cool.

An epic farewell to a legendary hero.


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